Chocolate & Chocolate Luxury product to conquer the mass market

Highly visible express fondue Units for shopping malls

Highly appealing to shopping mall owners seeking innovative new concepts to site, Chocolate & Chocolate kiosks and outlets add a dazzle of color and excitement to food courts or retail slots thanks to their highly branded state-of-the-art décor and famously eye-catching chocolate wheels.

Custom-designed by Chocolate& Chocolate and with patent pending, these innovative spinning wheels display a cascading flow of dark, milk, white and diet chocolate rotating on 3 spinning wheels behind a glass window. The allure of the molten chocolate draws foot traffic to the store, where a varied menu incorporating fresh fruits such as strawberries, cherries, kiwis, bananas, grapes and pineapples entices custom for delicious fondue pots, fruit skewers, waffles, sundaes, shakes, coffees and hot chocolate drinks.

“The main effect of our chocolate wheels is to allow consumers to see and smell the process of pouring chocolate over fresh fruit leading them into an impulsive purchase,” says Samir Majzoub, Development Manager at Chocolate &Chocolate.
“Our kiosks & stores have been designed to be a very powerful sensorial marketing tool. ”Chocolate & Chocolate has developed an express kiosk which requires only 15sqm of floor space to serve fondue at high volumes, while a larger store concept provides room for customer seating if required.

The kiosk set up requires a low investment and is turn-key, enabling a quick start up in 90 days. The menu items are simple to create minimizing staffing requirements and the innovative customer experience makes Chocolate & Chocolate an attractive prospect for shopping centers. “At the heart of our success is our high-quality, made-from-scratch fondues and skewers menu, ”continues Samir. “Our customers love our products and our franchisees love the fact that there is a broader opportunity associated with serving a product range that is suited to breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacking. Our innovative kiosk system, designed for retail malls, is made to ensure maximum profitability in prime locations.

”The Chocolate & Chocolate concept was established in 2009 and from the start has been developed with a solid franchise support system to equip it for international expansion. The brand is actively seeking to grant master franchises or area developers, with investment packages outlined for the USA, Canada, Latin America, the MENA regions and the Far East.

Previous restaurant experience is preferred but not mandatory. “Currently, there are considerable market opportunities all over the world,” reflects Samir. “By serving a unique and delicious treat in a fast food way, Chocolate & Chocolate has positioned a high-end luxury product to conquer the mass market.