New Food Storage: Extend Shelf Life, Reduce Waste, Save Money

Innovative breakthrough in food storage is reshaping the way world keeps its household products while reducing food waste

According to industry experts, Natural Storage Systems™ is a paradigm shift in home food and product storage. “This should be the way consumers store household products now and into the future.”

With over 33% of food wasted globally, most of it ending up in landfills – equates to high cost for all consumers? Ironically, consumer waste is largest contributor to this overwhelming problem. It has quickly become necessary to find an effective and affordable solution to this growing worldwide problem. Natural Storage Systems™ just might be one of the best solutions to slow this cycle.

Natural Storage Systems™ utilizes the best science and technology known to date, for storing and extending shelf life of food and household products through technique called “MAP” (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). This technology is certainly not new and dates back as far as the 1930s’. The process is highly touted by USDA, FDA and world food organizations. Natural Storage Systems™ makes MAP storage available for consumers in a cost effective, convenient and easy-to-use way – right at home.

Slice open an apple, after a few minutes – it turns brown. This is called oxidation. Open a bag of chips – couple of days later they stale, caused primarily because of damaging properties and moisture found in oxygen. Oxygen can cause freezer burn, mold, bacteria and micro-organisms to start forming and allows bug infestation. Question: why aren’t chips already stale when bag is first opened? Answer: because there is no moisture or oxygen in the bag! Air has been replaced or “modified” through process called “gas flushing”. Same technology re-created by Natural Storage Systems™ – allowing consumers to utilize MAP.

Air we are breathing right now consists of approximately 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% carbon dioxide, argon and other gases. This air is highly filtered to remove damaging oxygen, leaving natural, food grade, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-flammable, tasteless, environmentally friendly and renewable air, or – gas.

Most people don’t realize how many food items purchased on a daily basis are packaged in MAP. Almost all bagged salads, nuts, chips, cheese, meats, poultry, fish, breads, fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea and other products are packed this way.

Better storage and extended shelf life is everything when it comes to food waste and money. Food storage with Natural Storage Systems™ will help reduce personal carbon footprint at landfills, while saving product and money.

One of world’s leading packaging equipment manufacturers, Dansensor, says:

Eat natural…
• Additives are so 20th century — no wonder food producers are switching to Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).
• MAP uses natural inert gases to extend shelf-life from days to weeks, weeks to months, and even up to a year, depending on the product.”

Natural Storage Systems™ includes storage bowls “Mapware”, with specially designed lids to form unique configuration allowing MAP to be re-applied back inside container. Components like Snap & Zap Caps™ are applied to EXISTING bread & bun bags, packaged cheese, deli meats, chips, coffee, dog treats, bagged salads, etc. Zip & Zap Bags™ are high grade barrier film, zipper type baggy with a special one-way valve. Mapware, caps, bags and the Snap & Grip Clip™ are used in conjunction with a canister of “Natural Preserve” to re-modify the atmosphere back into the storage container.

Many consumers use vacuum seal bags to accomplish similar results as MAP by removing oxygen. However, initial equipment is expensive with high-cost single use bags. Try to vacuum seal bread, chips or even paint – the system is just not versatile enough for a wide range of products that potentially end up being wasted, costing more than just money.

“Green” bags and bowls designed to control ethylene respiration (ripening) of certain raw fruits and vegetables are just as limited as vacuum sealers. MAP inhibits the respiration process of fruits and vegetables when combined with proper storage or refrigeration.

Natural Storage Systems™ is very cost effective per use. Canisters, bowls, lids, caps, clips and bags are either: BPA free, recyclable, reusable or renewable and the gas is all natural. Products are sold individually or in a starter kit directly from Natural Storage Systems™

Natural Storage Systems™ is portable and versatile enough to use almost anywhere. Store leftovers, take advantage of bulk sales or looming expiration dates. Take hunting, fishing, camping; use it at home, office, school or workshop.

The company is looking for international partners to simplify shipping and assist with global expansion of the products.