“The trouble with our times is that the future is no longer what it was once”

Even for companies this statement is true, in particular the speed of the market demand and the need for greater efficiency and effectiveness are the challenges of our customers, says Paola Pomi, general manager of Sinfo One.

In the past we focused on the performance management of the ordinary activities, now we must also focus on the management of a good and innovative product portfolio in all markets, particularly in the food sector, where consumers become ever more demanding and more informed. To manage the entire product life cycle – from the concept, to the shelf, to the withdrawal from the market – with an average lifecycle of products that is constantly decreasing is essential prerogative of the leader companies.

Some of the most important challenges launched by the market are the rapid evolution of consumer requests and compliance with increasingly stringent legislation. Be responsive and pro-active to stimulations from the market has allowed to Intersnack Group to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Intersnack is a German multinational corporation; it has 12 op.co. in many countries and it is leader in the food industry with a production of 500,000 tons of sweet and savory snacks, for an annual turnover of over 2 billion euro. Since 2014 Sinfo One supports Intersnack in the product information reorganization and standardization process. Intersnack trust in Sinfo One because of its thirty years IT experience in food and beverage industry.

Intersnack challenge is to manage more than 2800 finish products, 11600 recipes, 3000 ingredients and 5200 packaging in 30 plants across Europe.

Sinfo One proposed to Intersnack to manage all the specifications in use creating a single version of the truth, to manage the New Product development in a more efficient way, to cooperate with strategic suppliers via web portal: this is the winning solution to optimize information flows and management. The project is due to run for one year and half and falls into three phases. The first one ended in July; three companies have been involved (two in Germany and Intersnack Netherlands).

Plm projects are very innovative, consequently have a strong impact on organizations: standardize process and workflows means to change the users modus operandi. Intersnack, with the support of Sinfo One, has been able to overcame and supervise the issues. The project is still in progress, the challenges are two: to supervise and to accelerate the new products launch, trough the workflows standardization, and to create a supplier platform. There are a lot of new challenges in the project but we are sure that even in the next phases we will reach the goals”.