Dairy products, healthy sweets – GCC is the rising market for European producers

GCC customers are very positive about European food and beverage products and likewise, European producers are very eager to ensure their products are responding to all requirements, such as halal certifications.

This good relationships are still developing. Given that GCC population will soar 30% by 2020, food imports from the EU are estimated to reach $53.1 billion at that time. The overall imports from European Union grew 15.4% in 2015, compared to 2014, and the two categories: Food and Live Animals with Beverages and Tobacco marked the highest, impressive growth among other categories, 22.2% and 27.2% respectively.

It is no surprise that it is the food sector that enjoys the most demand among Arab customers. But which European products exactly fit in their preferences? “We have reached great sales with dairy products: cream, ice cream, cheese. There is also a noticeable rising demand for healthy products such us no added sugar chocolate or gluten free pastry” – says the CEO of LD Export, François-Xavier Depireux. “We know the demand will be rising, but we do not want to compromise on the quality. The competition is big and we know that the only way to satisfy customers among the GCC countries is to offer high quality, same as the producers do in their home markets.”

LD EXPORT, thanks to its 10+ years of activity in the region can guarantee that this area can be a very fruitful market for all producers. A word of advice? Make sure to choose the right partner that appreciates European quality.