Dr Andreas Kramer, HealthSmart Coffee : ‘Our coffee is better than organic coffee’

Can You tell us something more about the history of HealthSmart coffee?

HealthSMART Coffee was founded 5 years ago, taking a low acid coffee roasted using our exclusive TechnoRoasting process to create the healthiest coffee ever. While some health benefits are derived from most coffees, none of them have the large natural resources of 11 vitamins and minerals stored in the coffee grinds.

One of the founders of our company had been told by his doctors to stop drinking coffee because of his unusually large Hiatal Hernia. He missed his morning pick-me-up so much that he then spent all his spare time dedicated to creating a roasting method that would diminish the extent of discomfort he felt when drinking coffee. Upon accomplishing that, he then set about finding ways to address some of the other problems inherent in traditional coffees.


What’s the background of the owners of the company? 

Jim Couch & Sterling Gordon & Family & Michael Reines.

Mr. Couch most recently served as President of Next Day Gourmet, a $300 million provider of restaurant equipment and supplies, and subsidiary of U.S. Foodservice, an $ 18 Billion Dollar food distributor.

Mr. Couch helped develop the company into one of the leading distributors of its kind in the country, with 18 retail stores, four distribution centers, and multiple channels of distribution, including Mail Order, Internet, Retail and Direct Sales.


Mr. Gordon is well known in the coffee industry for 50 years as well as amongst Wall Street brokerage houses, with many relying on his coffee cupping evaluations. Since his retirement from an active position, his son Andrew is now CEO and his other son David is COO of Coffee Holding Company. The company subsequently became a public company symbol JVA.

Mr. Reines is the founder, and was helped by Gordon during the initial development stages of its exclusive technology known as TechnoRoasting TM. Reines is the developer of HealthSmart and HealthWise coffees.


Is your coffee is better than organic coffee? What’s the added value?

Yes, our coffee is better than organic coffee. HealthSMART coffee is a USDA Certified Colombian Organic, Fair Trade, Kosher coffee, and through our unique and extraordinary roasting process the result is a coffee specifically developed for heartburn sufferers and the health-conscious consumer.

According to statistics over half of all coffee drinkers suffer from heartburn, whether or not they are sensitive enough to actually be aware of or feel the discomfort. We have naturally neutralized these excess heartburn-causing acids to the maximum extent possible, without sacrificing taste. Our coffee will taste like gourmet Arabica coffee from South America. We weren’t seeking to create a new taste in coffee. We were seeking to make the healthiest coffee possible and in that respect, we succeeded.

The quality and taste of coffee is heavily influenced by the soil in which it is grown, how about your coffee?

HealthSMART Coffee is grown in remineralized soil which produces a healthier cup of coffee due to its high vitamin and mineral content and retention.  HealthSMART Coffee employs intelligent “Remineralization”. Most soils are deficient in one or more nutrients. Poor soil leads to poor growth and plant stress. Proper fertilization, through our remineralization process supplies plants, phosphorus, nitrogen and nutrients composed of organic matter which is carbon-based). These ingredients are required by all plants (II. and help develop sturdy, healthy root systems while stimulating growth. In addition fertilizers applied at various intervals insure maximum and proper absorption by plants.

Remineralization also contributes to increased porosity, buffering of soil temperature, the retention of soil moisture, and better drainage. And, as any knowledgeable gardener can tell you, knowing a soils pH and nutrient levels is imperative. It has taken over 5 years to achieve the mineral rich soil in which we grow our beans.

Also Suzanne Somers was very enthusiastic about your coffee.

Suzanne Somers spent a long time investigating our claims, then she asked us to develop a line of espresso coffees for her market. Suzanne wrote a whole page about her coffee experience with us in her book Sexy Forever. Suzanne changed her opinion, from “Don’t Drink Coffee”, to now recommending to start each of her diet meals with a cup of coffee

Where are you selling your coffee right now?

We have only filled orders via our website.


Can You tell us more about your TechnoRoasting technology?

Our FDA approved TechnoRoasting is a unique, chemical free 100% Natural, proprietary process, which seals-in essential minerals, B-vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fiber and micro-nutrients naturally occurring in the growing soil. No other roasting process stops the loss of these valuable vitamins and minerals from dissipating during roasting and brewing.

No other coffee roasting process accomplishes the level or extend of acid/alkaline balance that HealthSmart does. Acid is reduced to a 6.18 pH level which is over 35% lower than national brands. The low acid content and no bitterness yield a supreme unadulterated, quality coffee that is 100% natural with no additives or preservatives.

Consumers have been misled by the advertising of so-called healthy drinks. What are the health benefits we can expect when drinking HealthSmart Coffee?

Through our TechnoRoasting process we seal-in the vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and dietary fiber contained in the coffee beans and dissipated by other coffees during roasting and brewing. TechnoRoasting also, 100% naturally neutralizes all of the excess heartburn causing pH acid. TechnoRoasting also eliminates all of the bitterness in coffee so that it


Do you export your coffee? Which countries are your first targets?

Our focus is the North American market but we have a global sales team already looking at international distribution channels, however, in following our corporate culture we are first seeking an Importer or Partner in each country.

Can interested readers find you on exhibitions later this year?

Not until next year. HealthSmart Coffee will have representation at the Independent Convenience Store Associations Show and likely at the Natural Products Show in Anaheim March 2017.

What are your next steps in the coffee business?

Having developed the world’s healthiest coffees, we are exploring numerous other opportunities amongst coffee drinkers from a healthier prospective. We are preparing to introduce Organic and Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee, Espresso, and other specialty coffees not available from any other roaster.