Bone Brox – The original Superfood

BROX produces the most original superfood at all – the bone broth!
We integrate the almost forgotten traditional product into the urban and modern everyday life. For this we boil pre-roasted bones of free-roaming and free-range chickens or grassfed organic bovines with vegetables and medicinal herbs
in organic quality for up to 18 hours in filtered water to make a delicious broth.
The result is a tasty, nutritious and soothing bouillon, rich in nutrients.
Paleo, 100% organic and as from Grandma. #grandmasdarling

Whether pure, as a real alternative to other to-go hot drinks, or as a basis for cooking, for soups and for sauces at home:
BROX makes the world a little slimmer, healthier, fitter and nicer!

BROX works exclusively with local suppliers and farmers to ensure a sustainable, longlasting and ethically treatment of the animals before we use their bones and a correct processing of our products. We ensure that the bones are not disposed of as usual, since and because we owe it to the animal to use it from tail to snout. #nowaste
The bones originate exclusively from organic free-roaming and free-range chickens or grassfed organic bovines – no exceptions.
The environment will love BROX in glass-jars with removable ecological labeling, while the water used is filtered with activated carbon filters and then vitalized afterwards.
The preparation according to the Slow-Food philosophy makes BROX particularly rich in nutrients and literally a “superfood”.

After the success and the win of the Gastro Gründerpreis 2016 and Next Organic Start-up Awards 2016 we head to launch our newest addition – a vegan-vegetarian variation consisting of vital mushrooms known from the traditional chinese medicine (TCM).