CAFES NOVELL : Are you ready for the revolution?

CAFES NOVELL introduces the most environmentally friendly homemade coffee.

Using our vast knowledge and experience in the HORECA market and our long history of buying, roasting and distributing coffee across the globe, we have now developed a 100% compostable organic coffee capsule that carries the same quality organic coffee found in our beans.

a. Certified compostable capsules, made from natural renewable resources.

b.Compostable capsules, produced according to European Law EN13432 with regard to compostable packaging.

c.Fully degradable within a twelve week period

d.Nespresso compatible

e.100% compostable certified organic coffee bio based capsules: all elements are compostable capsule, coffee, lid and adhesive.

For any further information please contact:

Ms. Meritxell Melgar
International Area Manager
Tel. +34 93 332 25 98
Mob. + 34 610 239 935