Caffè Corsini launches new products

Caffè Corsini, Arezzo-born historical roastery and leading company in the food and beverage market, exporter of its products in more than 65 countries in the world, will be showcasing its new products at the Anuga 2017 international fair, an event dedicated to the agrobusiness 360 degrees, from the production to the sales.
The booth, inspired by Africa, is located in pavillion 7.1, at the C030 location, and is dominated by a watchtower, that suggests a safari scenario, in line with the international awareness campaign I Love Lions, dedicated to the safeguard of lions, which are quickly decreasing (there are only 30000 specimens left in Africa) and that has been a company’s commitment in the last twelve months.
For the whole duration of the exhibition, it will be possible to taste the blends and single origins of brands such as Caffè Corsini, Compagnia dell’Arabica and Ditta Artigianale (the line dedicated to freshly roasted specialty coffees) either as an espresso or as a brew bar, an infusion, following the latest internationl trends of consumption, due to the collaboration with japanese company Hario, which is ditributed by Corsini.
On display, from coffee beans to the ground one, from the pods to the Nespresso®’s and DolceGusto®’s compatible capsules, available also with the new tastes and in the captivating 10 pieces box. Moreover, it will be possible to discover the metal box that was awarded with the Product of the Year 2017 Award, made up of three single origins (Kenya, Monsooned Coffee India and Santos Coffee Brazil) which allow for a tasting of three of the company’s bestsellers.
Among the latest novelties there is also the box made up by 30 Nespresso®’s compatible capsules of three selected single origin arabicas (El Salvador Shg, Costa Rica Tarrazu and India Monsooned Malabar), a product that is even more innovative due to its captivating packaging, of guaranteed visual impact, with transparencies that highlights lively shaded capsules. The handy case is both elegant and luxurious which makes it ideal for a prestigious gift.
To counter the possibility that lions might disappear in the next 10-15 years, Caffè Corsini produced The Last Call, an essay short movie directed by Brando Quilici, written by author Marco Vichi, with the voice of Giorgio Panariello and created by communicator, photographer and photoreporter Michele Pecchioli. The short movie, which premiered at the Festa del Cinema in Rome, in collaboration with National Geographic and Aria Adv, is available for stream at
A fundraising campaign destined to WildlifeDirect (, a non governmental organization committed in the protection of the wildlife patrimony, is connected to both the short movie and the sales of Kenya’s coffee. There are several projects by this NGO aimed at the protection of lions.

Among these: the promotion of Richard Turere’s invention, a kid from Kenya who developed a system that defends the paddocks of domestic animals from the lion’s attacks with the use of intermitting lights; the education of the audience of Nairobi’s park through the monitoring and care of the lions in the park; the creation of a national register of the Kenya’s lions in order to create a free public database and a national television show, NTV Wild, that recounts the lion’s lives to raise awareness on the matter and move past the man-animal conflict.