Clearspring Organic Japanese Matcha Shot – Single Serve

NEW Clearspring Japanese Organic Matcha Shot – now available to purchase in individual single-serve sachets

Clearspring Japanese Organic Matcha Shot is now available to purchase in individual single-serve format. The naturally concentrated single shots (1g) are a convenient way for consumers to access the many nutritional benefits of Matcha, making this new innovative product perfect for retailers looking to meet the growing demand for convenient, healthy and functional drink options.

For a special ‘on-the-go’ Matcha boost, consumers simply add the contents of the pre-portioned sachet to a bottle of water, smoothie or favourite fruit juice; shake and enjoy. With 30 single shots presented in a SRP display box, this product is perfect for a counter or till, for impulse consumers to grab and go.

About Clearspring Premium Grade Matcha:

Unrivalled in quality, Clearspring Japanese Organic Matcha Shot consists of a finely ground powder made from the finest shade-grown green tea leaves from the hills of Uji in Kyoto, Japan. Matcha’s vivid green colour and slightly sweet, rich and smooth flavour make it the most prized amongst Japanese teas. A staple in Japanese culture for over 900 years, it has formed a central part of the tea ceremony, as well as having been enjoyed by Buddhist monks during the long days of meditation.

Health benefits of Matcha: Nutritionist Cassandra Barns says: “Compared to standard green teas, Matcha is higher in flavanols – the natural compounds associated with green tea’s antioxidant benefits. Flavanols are thought to have a protective effect for the immune system and brain, as well as anti-ageing benefits for our skin. This makes Matcha a fantastic natural pick-me-up without the over-stimulating effects of coffee, and with more health benefits!”

Maria Dawson, Sales & Marketing Director at Clearspring says: “Our new individual single-serve Matcha Shot sachets provide a naturally concentrated nutrient hit in a handy format, perfect for consumers to pop in their bag and enjoy on-the-go. “The simple, easy to use, portion controlled sachets helps first time purchasers understand exactly how much powder should be added to their favourite drink be it spring water, coconut water or your favourite juice.

“Packed in Japan, the single-serve sachet format also ensures that the powder remains vibrant and fresh until consumers need to use it, making Clearspring Japanese Organic Matcha Shot a great and cost effective way to enjoy this premium product.”