Deep Valley Coffee introduces the first complete line of Biodynamic® coffee to the United States

Speciality coffee drinkers across the United States now have access to the purest coffee in the world. Deep Valley Coffee, a Biodynamic® coffee brand, announced today its launch of the first-ever comprehensive retail line of Biodynamic coffee currently distributed to more than 100 stores across the United States.

“At Deep Valley Coffee, my mission is to offer consumers the purest artisan coffee grown with absolutely no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, much the way nature intended,” said Robert Flam, owner of Deep Valley Coffee. “I am excited to be the first to widely introduce Biodynamic coffee to the U.S. market and give consumers a high-quality, deeply organic coffee, and I encourage every coffee enthusiast to experience the clean, bright flavor of Deep Valley Biodynamic coffee, and taste the difference for themselves. This is why I call Deep Valley ‘Pure and Vital Coffee.’”

Biodynamic farming is a comprehensive form of farming focused on healing the planet through regenerative agriculture. According to Demeter USA, the certification agency for Biodynamic products, these farms are self-contained, self-sustaining, complete ecosystems, that follow the cycles of nature. Biodynamic farmers never use GMOs, synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides, and everything used to support the farm is produced in the farm’s environment.

Deep Valley Coffee is grown in adherence to farming methods regulated by Demeter’s Biodynamic certification program at a single estate in Espirito Santo, Brazil. Deep Valley Coffee is available in three Biodynamic blends: Light Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast.

“We are very excited to welcome Deep Valley Coffee to the growing array of Demeter certified Biodynamic products,” said Elizabeth Candelario, Managing Director of Demeter USA. “When consumers support these ‘early adopter’ brands through their purchase, they can feel especially pleased that they are encouraging a form of regenerative farming that is ecologically progressive, while being rewarded with some of the best tasting coffee on the planet. We look forward to a full array of Deep Valley products in the months and years to come.”

“Deep Valley Coffee is leading the Biodynamic coffee industry and is influencing the way coffee is grown and consumed,” said Dwight Richmond, Grocery Director of Earth Fare Market, which has 40 locations in nine states, and former Global Grocery Director of Whole Foods Market. “With Deep Valley Coffee, consumers know their coffee was grown in a way that positively impacts our environment, and it will be exciting to see Biodynamic coffee reach a wide market in 2017.”