Delight Pure natural snacks expand its product portfolio with 3 new flavours, each containing only 5 natural ingredients to satisfy sweet cravings or curb hunger for the whole family.

Delight is a happy brand, combining healthy nutrition with great taste. Delight originates from Finland, with a mission to make healthy lifestyle delicious and inspiring, one bite and one smile at the time.

When it comes to natural products, simplicity and purity is Delight Pure’s recipe for great snacks, that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Delight Pure are vegan, gluten-free and natural snacks made with treats from nature and nothing else. Each bar is a harmony of only 5 natural ingredients, like fruits, oats or nuts.

A successful range of 3 original flavours, is expanded by 3 fruity flavours – Chia, Berries & Oats, Apple Cinnamon and Orange Cocoa – only 6 months after initial launch in April 2017.

Smile and happiness is the core of Delight’s marketing. With a passionate group of influencers and engaging social media marketing, Delight is bringing smiles to people. Engaged Delight community empowers healthy lifestyle with health tips, recipes and stories from the community.

Delight range of products is available in major mainstream retail and specialty nutrition stores in Finland and is starting its international expansions.

About Delight
Delight is a happy lifestyle brand, that empowers healthy lifestyle. Delight product range includes Delight Pure natural bars and Delight low-sugar protein bars that take snacking adventure to a new, guilt-free level, without compromising on the taste. Delight bars are a snack of choice by a wide range of health-conscious individuals and families, who enjoy Delight as a perfect hunger savior or candy-replacement.

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