Do you know why our Royal Quinoa is the best type of quinoa in the world?

Quinoa is a healthy, nutritious superfood that has been grown for thousands of years in the Andean countries of South America. At Andean Valley Corporation, we strive to preserve and share this ancestral legacy, which the bolivian atliplano transforms into an exceptional grain: Royal Quinoa. The wondrous qualities and properties of this one-of-a-kind variety are a product of the unique blend of weather and soil in the southern high plateaus of Bolivia, where Royal Quinoa is grown exclusively.

Since 1995, we have walked along this path with determination, guided by a strong philosophy of support and cooperation with the local communities that grow quinoa. More than 450 farmer families participate in our signature Suppliers Program, which provides them with training, infrastructure and supplies needed to ensure the organic production of quinoa. This collaborative project with our exclusive local suppliers guarantees the sustainability and organic traceability of our authentic, unique and organic Royal Quinoa.

We believe in our product. We trust our Royal Quinoa to be:

Native: Royal Quinoa comes from originary seeds that have been kept intact and are grown by small local communities in Bolivia’s southern altiplano. Unlike the one from other countries, bolivian quinoa is not subject to any kind of biotechnological manipulation, and retains its unique ancestral properties. We have never applied any type of assisted hybridization, mutations or genetic modifications to our Royal Quinoa — and never will.
Nutritious and healthy: since it’s grown from native seeds, the original quality of our Royal Quinoa remains untouched; this results in a more uniform set of nutritional properties. The nutritious elements and attributes that warrant our quinoa’s status as a world-class superfood are always guaranteed.
Bigger: our Royal Quinoa is 3 to 4 times larger in diameter than the rest of quinoa varieties. This is an exceptional quality, highly esteemed in the gastronomical world: both professional chefs and amateur cooks at home value a larger, whole grain for their recipes.
Gourmet: besides its bigger size, our Royal Quinoa exhibits several special properties as a raw material for the greatest chefs around the world. Its unique kind of starch and molecular structure lends it an exceptional set of flavor, texture and “crunch”.
Socially responsible: our Royal Quinoa is exclusively produced in the andean region of Bolivia, across the flatlands and hillsides surrounding the two largest salt lakes in the world. Small local communities, native to this land, continue to grow the grain, as they have done for generations. It is not produced by big businesses, large agricultural holdings or corporations, whose impact could jeopardize the sustainability and organic traceability of our Royal Quinoa.

Organic and gluten-free: the unique weather and particular soil properties of the altiplano are hostile to most kinds of crops, but give unparallelled benefits to the growth of Royal Quinoa. This type of quinoa evolved more than 6.000 years ago, adapting to the harsh local nature. This results in our Royal Quinoa being naturally shielded from any cross-contamination with other crops that may contain gluten, and spares it the need of an intense use of biotechnology to be grown.

These properties merge into the distinctive and unique quality of our Royal Quinoa. To help you easily identify our quinoa, we have created the AUTHENTIC ROYAL QUINOA (RQ) seal, found in all of our products. It is a symbol of how much we value the attributes of our Royal Quinoa; it is a pledge of how committed we are with our customers’ health and well-being; it is an affirmation of our purpose to preserve the ancestral legacy of this wondrous type of quinoa; and it is a vouch to always keep it free of any biotechnological or genetic modification.

Our goal at Andean Valley Corporation is to achieve a healthier, more nutritious and truly enjoyable diet, by preserving and sharing the legacy of Royal Quinoa. We offer you our broad range of exceptional and tasty products because we know that you value –just as much as we do– food that is always high-quality, organic, gluten-free and deliciously healthy.

This is the essence of Andean Valley Corporation. Our Royal Quinoa is the transmutation of tradition and ancestry with the never ending search of a holistic, healthier and sustainable nutrition. Come with us to share and enjoy this path forward.