Euro Caps expands in Dolce Gusto compatible capsules

Recently Euro Caps has expanded its’ production capacity to Dolce Gusto* compatible capsules, next to the existing lines of award winning production of Nespresso* compatible capsules.

Euro Caps was established in 2012 and is currently the worlds’ largest manufacturer of private label capsules. The initial factory has a capacity of 3 million capsules per day. With the experience of the initial Nespresso* compatible capsules it has won several quality awards for its’ products. Since its’ foundation Euro Caps has invested strongly in an internal Coffee R&D/innovation centre.

To answer to the demands in the market, Euro Caps recently -August 2017 – started full production of the new Dolce Gusto* compatible capssules in a newly opened factory location. The manufacturer expects this segment to double the production capacity of it’s existing base. A recent Ivomar panel study** has proven that the quality of Euro Caps DG* capsules equals the original product.

“We are very proud and excited about our new factory location,” says Nils Clement, founder and CEO of Euro Caps. “With our focus at developing and producing custom, high quality single serve capsules, we are confident to provide a unique product in the private label market. Our foundation for delivering high quality capsules is our extensive knowledge about coffee and the solutions we have developed to produce and distribute award winning capsules every day, every single time”.