Innate Organic Infused Water – Embracing Healthy Hydration

nnate is an organic certified infused water made from a subtle combination of pure Alpine water, the best superfruits and birch tree sap – famous for its detox properties.
Designed for a healthy lifestyle, our organic beverages are low in calorie, refreshing and come in an eco-friendly package. They naturally contain manganese and phenols, two sources of powerful antioxidants.

Organic certified and low calorie
-With pure Alpine water and birch sap
-Organic certified
-Low calorie, only 30 Kcal per unit
-Natural source of antioxidants

Our range of infused waters
Acaí, cranberry, birch sap The Amazonian açaí berry is famous for its huge level of antioxidants, while cranberries are high in vitamin C and possess a low glycemic index. The combination of these two wonderful berries offers a unique taste experience.

Lemon, elderflower, birch sap Lemons help detoxify your body and are particularly rich in our world’s most famous antioxidant, vitamin C. Elderflower’s sweet taste pairs perfectly with the acidity of this delicious citrus fruit

Pomegranate, blueberry, birch sap The association of pomegranate and wild blueberry offers a high and yet diversified content of antioxidants with naturally occurring phenols and vitamins. Along with ensuring a low glycemic index, it offers a delicate and refined flavor

(Recommended channels are city center retail stores, HoReCa and catering.
Organic and FSC certified. The cases come with 12 units of 25 cl.)

About birch sap
Birch trees spend the entire year absorbing nutrients from the soil they grow upon. Early spring, when the sap moves intensively to provide nutrients for new leaves to grow, birch trees are tapped to yield a refreshing water which is full of benefits.
Birch sap has been long known for its numerous properties in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. It is traditionally praised for its low sugar level, numerous minerals, antioxidants such as manganese and detoxifying properties.

An eco-friendly package
An elegant, innovative and eco-friendly slim carton can
Aseptic filling. Free from preservatives
100% recyclable carton can made of 50% recycled material. FSC certified
Up to 60% less carbon footprint compared to other types of packaging


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