MeritO Organic Coconut Products and Curry Pasta

MeritO was established in 1993 to manufacture and export high-quality canned coconut products.

Supported by the raw material from the family-owned certified organic coconut farm, MFP is supplying the certified organic coconut products with the 3-Fs reliability; “from Farm, through Factory, and to your Fork”.

Locating on the Eastern Seaboard Zone of Thailand, MeritO organic factory and organic farm are only 70 and 230 kilometers from the new Bangkok International Airport, respectively.

MeritO is organically certified as both producer (at the farm level) and processor (at the factory level) in compliance with ACOS(1) & IFOAM(2) accredited, SA(3) & EC 834/2007, JAS(4), USDA NOP(5), COR(6), and Orgânico Brasil

MeritO also has a new organic products, MeritO Organic Curry Pasta is made exclusively from the finest ingredients from our organic farming in Chonburi, Thailand. The selection guarantees fresh, clean and safe properties, to help you get the best flavor when you prepare homemade organic Thai dishes. MeritO Organic Curry has been certified by ACO.