Natural birch sap enriched with freez-dried berries now available

birch juice and a glass

Nature’s Drops Natural Birch Saps now available!
Enriched using modern technology with freeze-dried berries

Nature’s Drops brings you drinks from nature, made with simple, local, northern European ingredients, with minimum intervention. We combine lightly pasteurized natural birch sap with freeze-dried berries. Our products focus on simplicity and are as close to nature as possible. Using advanced freeze-drying technology allows us to maintain, not only the maximum nutrient value of the berries, but also the taste, color, and aroma of the freshest berries.

In today’s busy urban environment, people want to embrace healthy and sustainable living. They value the highest quality organic products. Nature’s Drops brings today’s consumers the traditional drinks from our ancestors, made with care from sustainably harvested drops.