Ommegang is releasing a new Game of Thrones beer: “Winter is Here”

Winter has come to Westeros, and everybody is feeling the chill. Brewery Ommegang, the company that’s long worked with HBO to put out Game of Thrones-themed beers, is recognizing that fact with another libation due out by the end of this month: Winter is Here, a Belgian-style double white ale due out on store shelves by the end of this month.

“For six seasons, Game of Thrones fans like ourselves have watched as the great houses of Westeros battled amongst themselves, all the while knowing that the only battle that really mattered – the great war – was yet to come,” said Doug Campbell, president of Brewery Ommegang. “In this next season, we celebrate the long-awaited arrival of winter with a beer fit for consumption north of The Wall. Winter is Here is a fortifying and delicious double white, brewed with sea salt and white pepper, sure to keep you warm in winter, no matter how long it lasts.” We appreciate the help.

Winter is Here packs 8.3% AVB, so it should get you nice and soused as well as warm. (The Night King, who glowers from the front of the bottle, will surely be displeased.) It’ll be available in 750ml single bottles, on draft, and paired alongside the previously released Fire and Blood Red Ale in a collectible gift pack, seen below:

Fire and ice, everybody. The single bottles will retail for $11.99 and the gift pack for $23.99.