Organic Pork wholesale and retail also now organic Beef trading

Helen Browning’s Organic is a farm based business in Bishopstone, Wiltshire trading organic pork and beef. Helen has been farming organically for over 30 years converting it to organic when she took over Eastbrook Farm from her father and made the inspired decision to move towards organic status. Connecting directly with you, our customers, has enabled our family farm to survive and thrive.

We farm to the highest animal welfare and organic standards you can imagine. Our pigs are reared in family groups outdoors with space and freedom to roam, root and forage in the grass and mud and we believe that this stress free life is reflected in the amazing quality of the resulting pork that we produce.

As well as producing a range of high quality products to offer in retail as Helen Browning’s Organic, we work with a number of partners to provide them with our high welfare organic meat in a wide range of cuts and specifications for their businesses. Customers range from bulk wholesale traders, producers of artisan charcuterie, home delivery food boxes, catering packs to organic pet foods suppliers.

In the end, it is all about great tasting, organic food and the farm is where it starts.