Product authentication and enhanced digital marketing with smart labels

Today, the market for counterfeiting and manipulation of products is large and no market is spared. The consumer wants to know the products authenticity and the brand owner wants to be able to guarantee the authenticity. At the same time, the brand owner is looking for a smart and effective solution to market their products, build brand loyalty and enhance consumer engagement
The NFC tag OpenSense, supplied by Beneli, opens a whole new world of communication between brand and consumer with the quick and easy tap of a mobile smartphone.

Bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, the NCF OpenSense tag provides a direct line of communication between product user and brand. It also acts as an authenticator for consumers and can identify a product or package’s status as either sealed or open, and so supports product safety along the supply chain.

Thin and flexible, the tags are easily integrated with any product label. When read using a smartphone, they provide traceability, electronic verification and anti-counterfeiting protection. They also open a direct dialogue between consumer and brand, allowing brands to collect essential buyer-behavior data, build loyalty by sharing their brand story and send customers personalized information, such as offers or recipes.

Each tag has a unique ID, allowing product information to be changed during the entire life cycle of the product. It can also have a two-state ID that changes when the seal is broken. The tag allows consumers to verify product authenticity before purchase. An integrated NFC sensor supports product safety and the ID is encoded into each tag during the manufacturing process to prevent copying.

Beneli develops and produces premium smart labels and security solutions that protect against tampering and counterfeiting. They offer standard and customized security solutions for identification and verification of origin and signs of tampering. To handle the information from NFC OpenSense tags, the company offers, together with ThinFilm, a cloud-based software solution. Beneli is at the forefront of technical know-how and has wide knowledge of adhesives for different surfaces and environments.

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