Robert Dyas Rolls Out the November 24 Black Friday Carpet

Us Brits are a nation of bargain hunters. Whether it is down to economic necessity or plain tactical purchasing on our behalf, we love a good bargain.

Of course, coupons and vouchers have played a significant part in people’s buying choices for decades. However, in the internet age, the ability to reach more potential customers has seen both the importance of discounts and, as a result, the number of savvy purchasers, rise dramatically.

Vouchers, email newsletters, coupons, money-off deals, discounts and promotional codes are everywhere. Entire websites are dedicated to such activities.

As a result, it’s no surprise that the Mother of all retail discounts, Black Friday – and its attendant sibling, Cyber Monday, and not to mention their cousins: the days leading up to and following Black Friday – has been embraced with such gusto by thrifty shoppers.

Black Friday is, of course, an American phenomenon. Its true origins are sketchy. Some attribute the name to the fact that the day falls after the American Thanksgiving holiday. Workers looking to take advantage of a four-day holiday would call in sick on the Friday, prompting businesses to lament this ‘Black Friday’.

Another plausible reason suggests the last Friday in November is when businesses finally turn a profit – going into the black – after a year of being in the red.

Black Friday didn’t really make it over to this side of the pond until the 21st Century. But in the last five years, it’s importance – to shoppers and retailers alike – cannot be overstated. Last year, British consumers spent £5.8bn over the epic sales weekend – up 15% on 2015.*

As such, expect the days leading up to this year’s Black Friday (November 24), the day itself, the weekend and then finally Cyber Monday (November 27) to be a cavalcade of astute purchasing.

This year, leading homewares high-street retailer Robert Dyas is unveiling its biggest Black Friday event to date. Kicking off on the Sunday (November 19) preceding Black Friday and running for eight days up to Cyber Monday, this will be the perfect opportunity for many to begin their Christmas shopping in shrewd style.

Rebecca Waters, Robert Dyas’ Marketing Manager says, “This will be our best Black Friday sale ever. When money is tight we aim to deliver the best possible value. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to buy a number of high ticket items at vastly reduced prices.”