Vinegar Shed Launches

Food business devoted to the art of vinegar-making, global artisan vinegars, oils, herbs, spices & exciting global pantry items + curated cookware by well loved foodie Andy Harris.

Born out of a love of vinegar and other elemental cooking ingredients (such as oils, herbs and spices to name just a few of our staples), Vinegar Shed is a fine food business devoted to bringing some of the world’s most interesting, organic or artisan and exclusive foodstuffs to your kitchen.

Founder, Andy Harris, began making his own artisan production of vinegar in his garden shed 5 years ago. He has found the unpasteurized vinegar an inspirational ingredient to enhance myriad recipes in his kitchen, adding it to Corfiot sofrito (a simple pan-fried veal dish) and Catalan escalavida (roasted vegetables. Recently released under his ‘London Vinegar’ label, the red wine vinegar is aged for a minimum of 6 months in French oak barrels before bottling.

Andy travels regularly around Europe and further afield to find passionate artisans making some very special small-batch products – all are guaranteed to add some amazing flavour and excitement to your everyday cooking – including many ingredients that have never been seen in the UK before.

There are fabulous Banyuls wine vinegars (including a sensational saffron blend and Vermeil vinegar spiced with cloves and cinnamon) from the rocky Cote Vermeille coast in the South of France close to Spain, some brilliant herb and fruit flavoured vinegars made by Cistercian nuns in the Languedoc, aromatic Normandy cider vinegar and Aigre Doux (a sweet and sour blend of cider vinegar, honey and apple wine) and wonderfully fragrant hand-picked organic Greek island herbs.

Additionally choose from a selection of some really unique spices, unusual spice blends and rare peppercorns from around the globe from Épices De Cru – all are of such great quality that you only need to use a little to take your cooking to new heights! And that’s just a few of the incredible things you’ll find – we also stock our great friend French chef Stephane Reynaud’s classic terrines made high up in the Ardeche region, delicious seasonal pickles, jellies and other condiments to perk up your cheese and charcuterie platters!

The inspiring, curated kitchen and tableware includes sturdy cast-iron Swedish spice grinders and mortar and pestle sets to help you get the best out of our herbs and spices, brilliant wok’s and frying pans and beautiful French bowls and dishes guaranteed to add colour and joy to your home.

The range also boasts hard-to-find kitchenalia such as puntarella graters, sea urchin openers and unusual knives for the hard-core kitchen gadget collector – all are based on things that Andy has been using for years and believes are must-have items!

The stunning vinegar pots and barrels are designed to revive the lost art of vinegar-making at home and are also perfect for adding some colour to your kitchen.

Visit the site for top tips and engaging, easy to follow recipes.

Now you can enhance your food with a variety of incredible vinegars, which are well known as a healthy option, many carrying antioxidants, and are sodium, cholesterol and fat free. Vinegar Shed is a one-stop shop for keen cooks and the ideal site to purchase rare and touching gifts for your foodie friends.

About Founder Andy Harris

So how did it all begin? Andy Harris started making vinegar about 20 years ago when he bought his first vinegar pot in a French flea market and has been obsessed with making the stuff ever since.

As a food and travel writer, well-known magazine editor and excellent cook, Andy has tasted many of the world’s most interesting vinegars on his culinary travels over the years. Visiting the best balsamic producers in Modena, the finest sherry vinegar makers of Spain and France’s regional artisan wine and cider vinegar producers on his culinary tours.

He has a notable collection of bought vinegars in his larder and still loves buying them from every country he visits. In the kitchen, he uses all of them for different recipes on a regular basis.

It’s not surprising then that vinegar has long been one of Andy’s greatest passions and today, he couldn’t cook without it in the kitchen – using all the different types on a regular basis, adding them to soups and stews, sauces and all of our home-made pickles.

But it wasn’t until he started making his own that he realised the full potential and joys of homemade vinegar. He has about 15 of his own vinegar pots now, in the kitchen and the garden shed (AKA Vinegar Shed), constantly producing delicious, and different, red, white and cider vinegars, single, varietal wine vinegars and even has huge French oak barrels for aging his commercial ‘London Vinegar’ brand.

He proudly admires and cares for the vinegar mothers that make these delicious vinegars and smiles happily as his friends come around for Sunday lunch with used bottles to refill. It really does become an addictive part of your cooking.

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