We are not compromising at Backamo Choklad

Backamo Chocolate is a small company with a grand vision. Focusing on quality and craftmanship, combined with respect for the product and it´s heritage, we strive to offer an experience in every chocolate bar.

The company is run as a family business and produce premium quality, organic dark and milk chocolate bars, focusing on exclusivity in the product, but also when it comes to presentation and packaging.
We will never compromise when it comes to the ingredients, taste or look of our products.
Our mission is to make the cleanest, best tasting, best looking, organic chocolate bar in the word.

We have chosen to only work with organic and fair chocolate. In part, because we want to make sure our customers are enjoying a natural product, but also to reduce our environmental footprint. We truly care for the farmers growing the cocoa, and we want to make sure, they in turn, can have a healthy working environment and get payed sufficiently.

Our chocolate should not only be a treat for the taste buds, it should be a joy to look at, and to scent.

Find out more at: www.backamochoklad.se
You can also find Backamo Choklad on social media platforms Instagram and facebook @backamochoklad