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Gulfood Special : Amazin’ Graze – Purveyor of Fun, Healthy & Tropically-inspired Snacks

Amazin’ Graze was founded by 3 young women who believe that food should be life-giving and empowering. From the humble beginning from their home kitchen to create classic range of granolas & nut mixes, to expanding the brand to have at least 7 categories of products throughout which includes: Granola & Muesli ; Nut Mixes ; Nut Butters ; Instant Oatmeal ; Healthy Chips (Brownie Chips & Hummus Chips) ; Protein Blend ; & Healthy Essentials.

Today, a small dedicated team of food lovers work together to produce fresh, delicious foods and constantly innovate to take everyday food to a new level using only the best, most nutritious ingredients. The result? Food that nourishes, empowers, and gives consumers the confidence to discover themselves and the vibrant world around them. “ To create joy & empower people through amazing real food!” Holding on to the firm belief of “you are what you eat”, Amazon’ Graze understands that good food is a key ingredient to living an impactful & happy life.

Our mission is to create joy and empower people through amazing real food so they could live up to the best version of themselves. About Amazin’ Graze Amazin’ Graze is a Malaysian snack brand that creates natural, healthy and Asian-inspired snacks.

Each snack is handcrafted to be delivered across Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, UAE, Philippines, Australia, China, the US and the UK. All Amazin’ Graze products are suitable for vegetarians, all-natural, and free of refined sugar.

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