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FAM STUMABO introduces next-level potato slicing with Dual Rotation Technology: Scalibur

FAM STUMABO introduces ScaliburTM, a revolutionary and unrivalled efficient potato slicer delivering next-level cutting solutions. This innovative machine features a dual rotation technology, where both the cutting head and the impeller rotate for a controlled and gentle cutting process. 

Whereas potatoes were previously pushed against a static knife, the Scalibur features a rotating blade that slices through the potato at a lower speed. This, combined with the independent centrifugal force of the impeller, minimizes impact damage to the potato’s cell structure. 

The slicer has powerful dual stainless steel motors (3.7 kW) and variable frequency drives for fine-tuned differential speed adjustments.

Suitable for all types of chips

The slicer is widely used in potato chip production but also delivers perfect results in the production of vegetable chips from carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes, taro, parsnip, etc. 

Supplied with a full range of interchangeable cutting heads, the Scalibur allows for different types of cuts to be produced: flat, crinkle or V-cut slices or sticks in many dimensions. A complete list of shapes is available upon request. 

Operating Principle

Potatoes are fed through the infeed chute and enter the rotating impeller and cutting head. The speed differential between these components is programmed and adjustable via the touchscreen interface. 

The patented DualStage impeller protects potatoes being sliced in the first pocket while enabling simultaneous slicing of others. The blades pass by the stationary potato held against a paddle for a clean and efficient cut.

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