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First Brewery in the UAE is opening it’s doors

In a groundbreaking development, the Persian Gulf region has witnessed the inauguration of its legal first brewery in the UAE,. It’smarking a significant stride towards the potential expansion of the local beer industry The last decades the import of beer was done by companies such as MMI, Centaurus Trading and African+Eastern. Now there is also room for production of beer in the Gulf.

Abu Dhabi Tap Room

Collab between Craft By Side Hustle and Balmaghie

The pioneering brewery in the UAE is the result of a collaboration.Between Craft By Side Hustle, an establishment that commenced operations in 2019. They were initially brewing in the United States for importation into the UAE, and Balmaghie Beverage Group along with other investors.

The changes in alcohol laws at the federal level in the UAE played a pivotal role in this milestone. These legislative shifts decriminalized alcohol. Besides it granted individual emirates the authority to enact more progressive policies regulating the production and sale of beer, wine, and spirits. The first brewery in the UAE is the first step towards a larger beer production in the United Arab Emirates

On site vending in first brewery in the UAE

Notably, the taproom is exclusively permitted to vend draft beer brewed on-site. Because Abu Dhabi does not currently allow packaging within the country.

The brewery, requiring an investment of 10 million AED (2.7 million USD) for its construction, boasts a production capacity of 25,000 pints per month (approximately 118 hl).

Growing beer production in the Middle East

While the Middle East has witnessed the presence of breweries in various countries. Including Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, strict regulations surrounding alcohol production and distribution have been maintained in the Persian Gulf countries. Iraq has been an exception, consistently engaging in local brewing.

With the commencement of local craft beer production in Abu Dhabi, coupled with the opening of new breweries in Pakistan and revised alcohol laws in Bangladesh, there is a palpable sense that West Asia’s beer industry might be on the verge of a period of substantial growth

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