Fromagerie Gillot: A Timeless Tradition of Artisan Cheese Making

Fromagerie Gillot, an esteemed cheese dairy located in the picturesque Orne region of Normandy, proudly commemorates over a century of unparalleled cheese-making excellence. Since its founding in 1912, Gillot has become a beacon of tradition, quality, and innovation in the world of dairy, producing some of the finest cheeses that have earned a place on tables around the globe.

A Rich Heritage in Every Bite

Fromagerie Gillot stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of traditional cheese making. For over a century, this family-owned business has meticulously preserved the artisanal methods passed down through generations. Each cheese produced at Gillot begins with the finest raw milk sourced from local Norman cows, which graze on the region’s lush, green pastures. This commitment to quality milk is the foundation of their exceptional cheeses, ensuring a rich and authentic flavor profile that is distinctly Norman.

The Iconic Cheeses of Gillot

The heart of Fromagerie Gillot’s offering lies in its selection of iconic cheeses, each crafted with care and expertise:

  • Camembert de Normandie PDO: This renowned cheese is hand-ladled with raw milk, embodying the quintessential taste of Normandy. Its creamy texture and robust flavor have made it a favorite among cheese lovers worldwide.
  • Pont l’Évêque AOP: Known for its characteristic square shape and creamy consistency, this cheese offers a delicate, yet complex flavor that perfectly complements a variety of dishes.
  • Petit Brie and Coulommiers: These softer cheeses provide a milder alternative while still delivering the rich taste and quality that define Gillot’s products.
  • Gillot Bio Camembert: Made from organic milk, this cheese reflects Gillot’s dedication to sustainable practices without compromising on flavor or quality.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of Fromagerie Gillot’s operations. The dairy works in close partnership with local farmers to promote sustainable farming practices that protect the environment and ensure the well-being of their cows. Gillot’s efforts include careful management of natural resources and continuous initiatives to reduce their ecological footprint. By embracing these practices, Gillot not only produces superior cheese but also contributes to the preservation of Normandy’s natural landscape.

Tradition Meets Innovation

While deeply rooted in tradition, Fromagerie Gillot is also a pioneer in innovation within the cheese-making industry. The dairy continuously explores new techniques and recipes to expand its product range, catering to contemporary tastes and dietary preferences. This blend of tradition and innovation is evident in their introduction of new cheese varieties and limited-edition offerings, each crafted to the highest standards of quality.

Enhancing the Cheese Experience

Fromagerie Gillot is dedicated to enhancing the overall cheese-tasting experience for its customers. They provide expert advice on pairing their cheeses with complementary beverages and foods, such as enjoying Camembert with a fine Calvados or selecting the perfect maturation period for different cheeses. These recommendations ensure that each tasting moment is a gourmet experience, showcasing the full potential of Gillot’s artisanal cheeses.

Join the Celebration of Gillot’s Legacy

Fromagerie Gillot invites cheese enthusiasts and connoisseurs to celebrate their rich heritage and ongoing innovation. By visiting their website, fans of fine cheese can delve into the fascinating history of the dairy, explore the extensive range of products, and discover new and exciting ways to enjoy Gillot’s exceptional cheeses.

For more information, visit Fromagerie Gillot.

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