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MegaMex Foods Debuts HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsas

As restaurant operators continue to seek new ways to add unique and craveable dishes to menus, MegaMex Foods announces a new line of HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsas. Quemada (ke-mada) translates literally to “burnt” in Spanish, but in English refers to the deeply charred ingredients used in the salsas. Charring the ingredients adds depth and complexity to foods, especially salsas. These inspiring salsas are crafted with layers of charred flavor and a house-made consistency to help restaurant operators and chefs make their menus stand out.

The new product line consists of four flavors and range from mild to medium heat:

  • HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsa Roja (Mild) – a flavorful blend of charred tomato, poblano and jalapeño with the added complexity of ancho and guajillo peppers
  • HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsa Verde (Mild) – unique blend of charred tomatillo, tomato and poblano give this rich salsa a balanced and complex flavor profile
  • HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsa Poblano (Mild) – a bold blend of charred tomato, tomatillo and poblano along with hints of Chile de Arbol
  • HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsa Chipotle (Medium) – deeply charred tomatoes coupled with chipotle, poblano and ancho peppers deliver the perfect combination of smoke and heat

Each unique salsa delivers a bold and complex flavor that adds a smoky new depth to dishes.

MegaMex Foods worked with restaurant operators and chefs to determine the level of consistency and charring needed to perfect the products and create true flavor enhancers. Carefully charred ingredients like tomatoes, tomatillos, poblano and jalapeños are paired with chiles such as guajillo, ancho, and Chile de Arbol to easily create unique flavors for chefs.

HERDEZ® Quemada Charred Salsas are shelf stable and available in back-of-house friendly, 4/67 oz resealable jugs. Also, the salsas are consistent every time and ready to use as an ingredient, topper or elevated table salsa and were specifically created for foodservice operations in a time when consumers are more likely to visit a restaurant that offers new or innovative flavors1. These versatile salsas can be used in applications from an elevated salsa flight to a red snapper, spicy bruschetta, elote or shakshuka – and provide bold new flavors that diners are seeking.

“We are thrilled to introduce these new salsas under the HERDEZ® Foodservice brand and broaden the portfolio of solutions for restaurant operators looking to easily add bold or complex Mexican flavors to their menus,” said Ryan Michaelis, President and Chief Executive Officer at MegaMex Foods.

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