CreaCarn is a small R&D based company making innovative and effective nutritional products for athletes. A succes story and we sat together with it’s founder, Dr Eddie O’Gorman.

Dr O’Gorman when did you start the company ?
The Irish company was set up 10 years ago to develop the formulation and support patent filing costs.

It’s an Irish – German set up ?
No, I worked with a German company to test various creatine products and settled on one (Colloidal Creatine) which they make.

Can You tell us something more about why  a formulation that stabilises creatine mono hydrate in low pH gels and beverages is so important ?
Stabilising Creatine is difficult as it cyclicises into useless but harmless Creatinine in acidic water and as gels/drinks have a pH below 4 for shelf life extension, pure creatine is not suitable. Our formulation is patented and highly bioavailable too (as proven with MRI).
We tested the bioavailability of the energy gel using MRI over 12 hours in one subject and Creatine levels in leg muscle started to increase within an hour (10% increase over baseline level of a creatine depleted subject) and peaked after 2 hours (20% over baseline).

What makes Creacarn so different from similar products ?
Our proprietary formulation enables high concentrations of creatine thereby reducing the volume to ingest. Currently CreaCarn is 30g/30ml and we could go as low as 20ml to give 3g of Creatine.We have removed caffeine so the real effects of creatine are not masked by the Caffeine buzz.

Your products are especially effective for endurance sports or do you see effects in other sports too ?
Creatine is mostly taken for high intensity training including weight lifting, it is recommended for endurance mainly to make muscle energetics more efficient and could reduce the number of carbohydrate gels needed, or at least make them more efficiently utilised by muscle cells. Basically creatine helps your body perform better, as per the long standing first EFSA Claim for 3g Creatine to increase performance during short bursts of intense exercise. More recently a second EFSA claim for Creatine has been approved for daily consumption of 3g creatine by over 55’s who are doing resistance training, to maintain muscle mass and function.

Your Creatine Energy Gels are vegan friendly ?
Allergen Free and Vegan Friendly. We have yet to get this certified however.

Where are you selling now ? Which sales channels ?
We only had the first batch of CreaCarn made in September 2020, our first version was called the Creatine Energy Gel which had caffeine and was very popular but I decided to replace Caffeine with another metabolic agent Carnitine. We are sending samples to interested parties right now and hope to offer CreaCarn as a branded or a White Label product.

Are You exporting ?
We are starting some successful projects abroad and will communicate about it later this year.

Which type of importers are you looking for to develop your Creacarn products ?
Distributors or White Label companies. Our plan is to licence this out to other bigger labels.

What’s the next “big step forward” for Creacarn ?
We are looking at a new version with Q10 !

More information can be found on their website :

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