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Filiera Italia and Coldiretti inaugurate “the authentic Italian Food System” booth at Fancy Food in New York

“The concept of ‘Made in Italy‘ is a repository of food excellence and ties to regions, culture and tradition. That is why it is important to provide comprehensive information to consumers in order to enhance and protect our Italian food and wine heritage.” This is affirmed by Luigi Scordamaglia, the CEO of Filiera Italia, introducing the opening works of the booth of Filiera Italia and Coldiretti at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York (Level 3 — 2717 — Italy).

The concept of “Made in Italy” is a repository of food excellence and ties to regions, culture and tradition of Italy.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mariangela Zappia, Italian Ambassador to the United States, Carlo Ferro, President of ITA-Ice, Stefano Bonaccini, President of Emilia Romagna region, Paolo De Castro, Italian Representative at the European Parliament, and Vincenzo Gesmundo, General Secretary of Coldiretti. An occasion to announce together with food buyers and importers that the United States in 5 years may become the first market in the world for export of Made in Italy agri-food.

At the heart of the debate was a focus on the need to combat “Italian sounding” in favor of authentic, essential and distinctive values of the Italian food supply chain, such as quality, sustainability, and the link between tradition and innovation – values that Filiera Italia promotes every day.

A commitment that is being consolidated thanks to Filiera Italia and Coldiretti’s partnership with Fiera Milano, with a commitment to always supporting Italian agri-food companies of excellence and ensuring their continued and increased competitiveness in international markets, especially at extremely important international trade fair events such as Tuttofood 2023, to be held next May in Milan, Italy.

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