Italfoods and it’s innovative capsules solutions

The Italian company Italfoods is specialized in the pack in capsules of instant products, leaf products and roasted coffee. We sat together with Mister Carmine Rondinelli, passionated Export Manager and succesfully opening new markets for Italfoods.

Carmine, can you tell us more about the activities of Italfoods?

Sure, Italfoods, based in Cuneo, North Italy, is a young and dynamic innovative company that celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Throughout this period, Italfoods has played a pioneering role in the Italian market, witnessing exponential growth. The company has established itself as a landmark in the instant beverages market, offering high-quality products. Italfoods has diversified its product lines to cater to various preferences:

  1. Gourmet: The Dolcevita line, dedicated to lovers of tasty drinks.
  2. Relax: A line of natural, high-quality drinks, teas, and herbal teas.
  3. Kids: Another Dolcevita line, focusing on children with caffeine-free, and artificial color-free drinks, ideal for kids’ breakfast.
  4. Wellness: A new line offering soluble drinks with low-calorie content and generally free of allergens.
  5. Coffee: Italfoods offers five blends in different materials and packaging, with transparent pricing.

Are you selling all over Italy?

No, Italfoods is not limited to Italy; the company has a global presence in over 60 countries and has successfully consolidated its position in the European market.

Are you offering private label solutions?

Absolutely. Italfoods values its customers and offers various private label solutions, from product customization to packaging and pricing. The company’s flexibility and dedication to customer satisfaction have allowed it to customize products and packaging for specific customer needs. Notably, Italfoods recently customized a significant order for a Saudi customer seeking specialty coffee in capsules with a delicate process.

Which are the most popular solutions you are selling right now?

Italfoods highlighted its popular solutions in the above responses, with Dolcevita and Neroristretto as their own brands, catering to different price points.

Where are you exporting right now?

Italfoods is strongly present in the Middle East, the European market, and all Caribbean islands, totaling over 60 countries.

On your website, you mention Dolcevita and Neroristretto as your own brands?

Yes, Italfoods owns the Dolcevita and Neroristretto brands, differentiating them based on price points. Dolcevita is the luxury brand, while Neroristretto offers a more budget-friendly option, maintaining the same high-quality standards.

Which export markets are you looking for in 2024?

We are aiming to expand our business into the USA market in 2024.

Are you exhibiting with Italfoods at international exhibitions?

Yes, Italfoods actively participates in international exhibitions. They recently attended the World of Coffee in Dubai and participated in the Host Milan fair. Future plans include attending other international fairs such as Cafe Show Paris and Seoul.

Sustainability is important at Italfoods. What kind of measures did you take?

Italfoods is committed to sustainability. They recently replaced plastic packaging with paper, contributing to reducing global plastic use. In 2024, Italfoods aims to introduce 100% compostable capsules to further decrease aluminum and plastic production, emphasizing their dedication to environmental responsibility.

Thank you for your time Carmine !

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