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Sugar-Free pastilles and biscuits from Amundsen Brands

Inspired by Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, the refreshing and sugar-free pastilles and biscuits from Amundsen Brands AS are finding their way to the European shelves. We met with Rune Skjoldal, CEO of Amundsen Brands.

Rune, can you tell us something about the history of the company Amundsen?
Amundsen Brands was started in 2006 with Omega-3 for a start. The idea is to have products
that would be relevant for anybody heading for an expedition or in their daily life. Every day is
in a way an expedition. You must plan, perform and reach your target every day.
Roald Amundsen had Omega-3 in large quantities in natural form. He also brought pastilles
with him, and he ate his own formulated oats biscuits and some sort of energy bars. We are
right in his footsteps. The biscuits and bars are formulated by me personally based on the formulation Roald Amundsen had for his expeditions.

Rune Skjoldal CEO Amundsen Brands AS

Amundsen brand is about origin. Are you bringing Norwegian food culture to the world?
Norway is the biggest provider of Omega-3 to the world and the biscuits and bars is
formulated by me personally. The pastilles are a modern and healthier version of the sugar
pastilles Roald Amundsen had with him.

What are the main ingredients of your tasty biscuits ?
The main ingredients are oats, butter, milk, nuts and berries.

Your pastilles are totally sugar-free?
Our pastilles are sugar free, vegan and has natural flavors.

Omega-3 is important for a good or better health. How you incorporate it into your actual

Omega-3 should be a vital part of everybody’s diet. In Norway 50% of the population has
Omega-3 daily while in Europe the market penetration is 0,5%. Everybody should take more
Omega-3. For Roald Amundsen is was a vital part of his diet to be able to endure the enormous task of
being the first person to the South Pole! That is the reason it is in our portfolio.

Are you willing to develop new products in the near future?
We are constantly looking for new ideas for products, but we are very aware of keeping the
integrity of the brand.

You are selling to wholesalers and supermarket chains?
We are selling to both very succesfully.

Where are you exporting right now?
Our sales now are in Norway, The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.
We just started in 2024 and we have our warehouse in the Netherlands for easy distribution to all markets.

Which are the next countries you want to conquer?
Because We are having requests from many countries, we are not sure who come first. We will
know more after the ISM exhibition Germany, end of January 24.

Are you exhibiting at international trade exhibitions?
Yes. Firstly ISM in Germany in winter 24 and we will decide after that exhibition.

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