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Mr. Dobelina successfully adapts American-style buns for the EU market

Introducing the exquisite Mr. Dobelina Burger Buns, a brand from the picturesque Italian town of Vicenza. This innovative company, represented by Luca Francesconi and Filippo Mursia, offers a delightful portfolio of American-style buns with a distinct “Italian touch.” Our recent meeting with the visionary minds behind this brand of Italian burger buns, unveiled the perfect blend of tradition and innovation in the world of burger buns.

Can You tell us something more about the start of the company and your product idea

It all started a few years ago while I was working in New York, in the fashion industry. I
became passionate about American street food and there I discovered “potato rolls”: these
soft buns with potato flakes that are used above all for smash burgers, a particular type of
meat cooking that is lately becoming popular throughout Europe. From here I got the
inspiration to reproduce our Italian version of this fantastic product.

If I understood well you studied the American bun and made a better “Made in Italy”
version ?

Yes, thanks to my experience in the United States, not only New York but also San Francisco, I was
able to see the essence of true American comfort food up close. I have tasted and tested just
about every burger joint. My idea has always been to bring a bit of that American spirit to
Italy, something that was missing in Italy until then. We have simply recreated our own
version of the original “potato rolls”, following the standards and quality of Made In Italy.

What is necessary to have a quality bun ? How can you differ a quality bun from a low
quality one ?

A good bun must be soft and have a nice bite, but above all it must retain all the sauces and
meat juices perfectly, without falling apart.

You are selling all over Italy ? What kind of clients you have ?
Yes, we are very well known in Italy. We have very different customers: from private
individuals to large fast casual chains, through to businesses specializing in BBQ and
hamburger shops. Anyone who loves burgers and high quality buns is welcome here.

How about your export ? Where are you exporting ?
We have recently started to appear on the European market, where we have some important
collaborations especially in the food tech sector. But I can’t say anything else for the moment,
it’s top secret 🙂

Which kind of partners are you looking for on export markets ?
As regards expansion abroad, we would like to get in touch with customers such as
restaurant chains, especially in the fast casual segment, but above all we are looking for
partners for the distribution of our products in the main European markets.

Any target markets for the near future ?
Well, France and Spain are certainly areas full of opportunities for our business. But Germany and Benelux also represent areas of strong interest.

Are You exhibiting in B2B trade exhibitions ?
We will soon be present for the second consecutive year in Rimini, Italy, at the Beer&Food
Attraction 2024
from 18 to 20 February. Then the main objective remains participation in the
Sial in Paris next October.

You are inspiring your consumers also with an AI Chat GTP driven one ?
I’ve always been working in tech, so I’m very fascinated by all the opportunities that AI can
give to consumers, and also business. As of now I had some fun asking ChatGPT and Bard
to create for me some recipes with an “Hawaian taste” or “Indian taste” to then recreate in
real life to taste the result, and I have to say they were pretty impressive! The first experiment
can be found in our blog.

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