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Payment processing solutions from PAYSTRAX

PAYSTRAX provides European and UK merchants with state-of-the-art solutions for payment processing solutions, online and in-store. We had a very interesting meeting with their management.

You have offices in several European countries?
PAYSTRAX currently operates from four global offices. Two of these offices, including
our headquarters, are situated in Lithuania, where our teams are experiencing the
most growth. Additionally, we maintain an office in Iceland, that has also a symbolic
value as a home office for our founders. Our UK office is currently in Brighton on the
south coast.

Any specific solutions for the Hospitality industry?
PAYSTRAX can service all manner of Hospitality businesses with online payment
and face to face card terminal processing, offering various terminal
solutions based on the specific needs of the business.

What about restaurants and bars?
To make a restaurant or bar more efficient, having multiple mobile terminals can free
up bar space and reduce congestion in certain areas of the establishment. PAYSTRAX
can provide solutions from WIFI and SIM-enabled terminals down to pocket-sized
mobile terminals for busy periods.

What’s the added value Paystrax gives compared to competing businesses?
PAYSTRAX has a direct connection with MasterCard and Visa which enables us to
manage our own agreements. We maintain ongoing dialogues with them and actively
participate in helping to shape the broader payments ecosystem. With local
knowledge and decades of combined experience across various regions and business
sectors, our team can provide the best advice and services to suit your business.
Also, at PAYSTRAX we have a client-oriented approach, we prioritize personal
connections, avoiding chatbots and automation for genuine, one-on-one interactions.
This ensures a tailored and responsive service that aligns with the unique needs of
each client.

You are mostly working in the European Union and UK markets?
Paystrax has been working within the EU since 2018 and holds licensed Payment
Institution supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. This means Paystrax is a principal
member of the major card schemes and is engaged directly with them rather than
being reliant on a third-party processor. The same is true for our UK entity Paystrax
UK Principal Membership license with Mastercard and VISA and is an authorised
Payment Institution that holds PI licenses in EU and UK

Anti-Fraud solutions are becoming a more and more important market?
With PAYSTRAX, you not only get fully PCI DSS-compliant services but also benefit
from a multi-layered fraud prevention technology, backed by a team of risk experts.
This minimises risk, saving you money by delivering visibility across all channels. Our
solutions are easy to implement and use with a fully integrated and intuitive interface.
They are designed to give you the highest level of business context and explainability

Which kind of companies are your clients?
We have a diverse range of clients encompassing various industries. Given that our
services cover European and UK merchants, offering modern solutions for all
electronic transaction needs, we can work with different businesses. Regardless of
how or where our clients sell their goods or services, we aim to facilitate quick,
secure, and cost-efficient payment processing.

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