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Kombustache 3x winner at World Alcoholic-Free Awards

Kombustache 3x winner at World Alcoholic-Free Awards

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has become increasingly popular in recent years for its health benefits and unique taste. Kombucha has made its way to France, where local Kombucha producer Kombustache is adding its own twist to the drink. In this article, we will explore the history and products of Kombustache and what makes it stand out in the French Kombucha scene.

One of the Kombucha drinks

Kombustache : The Story

Kombustache’s story begins in Brittany (Bretagne), where the founder’s grandfathers and father were apple farmers and produced cider. After a career in industry, Kombustache‘s master brewer, Michel, wanted to create his own fermented drink using tea and local ingredients. He wanted to create a healthy beverage that could be shared with friends and family.

Michel ,the brewer
Michel ,the brewer

Kombustache 3x winner at World Alcoholic-Free Awards

During his travels, Michel discovered Kombucha and began experimenting with the fermentation process in his kitchen. After years of testing, he found the perfect balance with three recipes that were approved by his family. Kombustache’s name comes from the combination of “Kombucha” and “Moustache,” a nod to Michel’s signature facial hair. The logo is represented by two tea leaves in the shape of a mustache.

The Kombustache Products

Kombustache offers three unique Kombucha flavors, each with its own local flavor profile:

Les Fleurs du Mal – BIO: This Kombucha is named after the famous Baudelaire novel and is flavored with elderflower and lemon for a light and refreshing taste. The elderflowers come from the Sambucus Nigra plant that grows wild in northern France from late May to early July. The flowers are used to create a syrup that is also used in pastries.


La Veuve Pourpre – BIO: This Kombucha comes in a set of three bottles and is named for its bright red color. It is flavored with lacto-fermented beet juice, giving it a fruity and vibrant taste. The beets are grown in temperate zones with cool and light soil, particularly in northern France. Beets are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber, and vitamin B9.

La Perle Noire – BIO: This Kombucha is named after the famous white pearl from the north, the chicory. It is flavored with roasted chicory juice, giving it a subtle and nutty taste. Chicory is grown in northern France and is used in various culinary dishes.

Each of these Kombucha flavors is made with organic ingredients, including green and black tea, sugar, and carbon dioxide.

Kombustache winning 3 deals at World Alcholic-Free Awards

In march 2023, KOMBUSTACHE won three medals ( one in gold for Les Fleurs du Mal) at World Alcoholic-Free Awards in London.

The resume of jury was:




ABV 0.1%

Gold colour with a gentle whisper of bubbles, this is a beguiling mélange of peaches, green tea and elderflower. An attractive balance of sweetness, acidity and soft tannins with an increasing tea presence on the palate. Sophisticated. Merits sipping on its own, but a good food partner too.


Kombustache is a unique French Kombucha producer that adds a local twist to this popular beverage. Its three flavors, Les Fleurs du Mal – BIO, La Veuve Pourpre – BIO, and La Perle Noire – BIO, each offer a distinct taste that is representative of the region. Kombustache’s commitment to organic ingredients and the use of local flavors make it stand out in the French Kombucha scene. If you’re looking to try a new and unique Kombucha, give Kombustache a try!

Kombustache 3x winner at World Alcoholic-Free Awards

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