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San Luis Obispo’s Oceano Wines, producer of premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from San Luis Obispo, announced today that starting with the 2019 vintage, its platinum award-winning premium “wine of the year” Chardonnay and fine Pinot Noir have earned the BevVeg vegan certification through BeVeg International, a leading vegan certifier that ensures vegan compliance from every stage of the beverage production process.

““We are thrilled to earn the BevVeg vegan wine certification from BeVeg, the leading vegan beverage certifier. Following our SIP-certification, vegan certified was the natural next step for Oceano,” Co-Founder and Vintner Rachel Martin explains.

“We value the BevVeg vegan alcohol certification because we feel that it is important for people to know if animals are used in any way to produce the products that they consume. Since wine is made from grapes, people assume that animals have not been part of the process of grape growing or winemaking, which in some cases is not true.”

Additionally, this luxury wine brand often dubbed the “Luxury Wine Label” has expanded its distribution foothold in California by partnering with Authentic Wine Selections.

“We are excited to bring our globally vegan certified wines — Oceano wines — to new territories,” Martin says. “As a premium wine producer, it is important for us to have strong relationships with distributors that share our values. Authentic Wine Selections is a strong partner who we are excited to have by our side as we grow.”

Authentic Wine Selections is a producer, importer, distributor and broker representing a global selection of fine wines statewide in California, with the mission to carefully curate a portfolio of wines that are faithful to their origin.

“I added Oceano wines because they have it all. Pure, balanced wines that reflect a place, Robert Morrison, owner of Authentic Wine Selections said. “They fill a need for Central Coast wines. Rachel “gets it” and has a sensible understanding of the wine business. We champion small producers, and are especially excited to “find” great producers just starting out.”

Martin is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International New York and Washington Chapters and was the first woman to be inducted into the District of Columbia chapter of the International Wine and Food Society.

Besides finding Oceano Wines online at, the company has additional distribution through Frederick Wildman & Sons, serving New York and New Jersey; Lanterna Distributing, serving Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC; and Pioneer Wine Company in Texas.

Oceano Wines is now listed on the BevVeg free consumer app as a BeVeg certified vegan wine. The BevVeg app, often called “the ultimate alcohol guide” is a searchable database to help the consumer find their next for vegan alcoholic beverages. The free consumer app is available for download on google play and in the ios app store at

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