Private Guided Tours Breweries Wineries Margaret River Beer Wine Cider Tasting

 wine tours — our major draw card being that we’re the only tour in the region to also visit two breweries! Come explore the wineries and breweries of the region with us. One of the biggest reasons why this company is different than other wine tours in Margaret River is because they visit 3 wineries and two breweries!|Share

Private Guided Tours Breweries Wineries Margaret River Beer Wine Cider Tasting

Margaret River: Famed for Wine, Loved for Craft Beer

Margaret River: Famed for Wine, Loved for Craft Beer

Margaret River is a favourite with holidaymakers from all over Australia, but no matter how relaxed the break is making visitors feel, touring the area a little should be on their to do list. If they want to keep their exploration stress-free and fun-packed, Margies Big Day out will ensure that they have a “big day” to remember. The tours incorporate the inevitable (and truly excellent) wineries, but also cheese, a taste of chocolate, and some truly amazing microbreweries.

For some, beer-tasting is a connoisseur experience, taken nearly as seriously as wine-tasting so often is. For others, it’s simply a matter of enjoying the products of the brewmaster’s art along with great company and pleasant surroundings. With so much to do and see, it’s impossible for Margies tours to cover every craft brewery in one outing, but members of the tour can be sure of visiting at least two of Margaret River’s breweries and three of its wineries on any tour. Here’s a sneak peek at which breweries may be in store on one of the tours.

Bootleg Brewery

Set in spacious grounds, this brewery is well-known for its tasty craft beers and house cider. Beers range from the all-out Raging Bull to the subtler Session Ale, ensuring that regardless of beer preferences, visitors will find a brew to suit their palate. 

The Beerfarm

Although the Beerfarm’s produce can only be classed as “craft beer” it’s one of the bigger Margaret River brands with widespread distribution. Apart from offering a range of beers that will delight every beer-lover, the Beerfarm also makes cider and a strawberry brew that was developed to help strawberry farmers save their harvest during the needle crisis and Covid19 border closures. 

Margaret River Brewhouse

Even those who aren’t usually a fan of beer, will love the location of the Brewhouse – right on the banks of Margaret River itself. The core range of brews presents a taste adventure for beer lovers, and those who aren’t too sure about beer can enjoy the house ginger beer or one of the seasonal offerings which include an apricot and a blood orange sour.

Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co

It won’t just be the beer-loving adults of the party who’ll enjoy a visit to Cheeky Monkey Brewing Company. The waterside grounds feature an extensive and well-maintained play park where kids can play to their hearts’ content. Meanwhile, the grown-ups can enjoy tasting the beer, cider, and ginger beer that makes up the brewery’s core range along with some of the seasonal specialities. 

Black Brewing Company

Once again, we have a relaxed venue offering beer tastings in a gorgeous setting, but beyond the beer and sours, there’s also a small distillery that’s known for its gins. It will definitely be difficult to walk away from this brewery without taking something along to enjoy at home.

Colonial Brewing Company

Each brewery in Margaret River and surrounds is unique, and each one offers unique brews. The Colonial Brewing Company is no exception. With countrywide distribution, people can enjoy these brews just about anywhere in Australia, but they’ll still enjoy tasting them most of all fresh from the tap at the brewery where they were made.

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