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Revolutionizing the Frying Industry: Beyond Oil

Beyond Oil is an innovative Israeli food-tech company dedicated to transforming the way we fry and process food. They provide sustainable solutions for the food industry. We sat down and discovered their solutions.

Can You tell us in a nutshell what Beyond Oil means to the Food & Hospitality industry ?
We are revolutionizing the frying industry. Extensive testing indicates that the Beyond Oil
product extends the usable life of frying oil, improves product quality, increases sustainability,We
and reduces frying oil costs. As a preferential adsorbent, the product reduces and prevents
the formation of harmful components such as Free Fatty Acids (FFA”), Total Polar materials
(“TPM”), acrylamide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (“PAHs”), trans fats, and other
impurities, ensuring frying oil stays fresh and fried food is crispier, more visually appealing
and tastier.

What are the Health Benefits ?
What truly sets the Beyond Oil product apart is the resulting health benefits. In contrast to other solutions in the market, our premium product stands out in its ability to minimize cancer risks stemming from frying oil and fumes related to acrylamide and PAHs formation.
Our product also outperforms in reducing TPM and FFA levels, enhancing oil color, and much more.

Beyond Oil’s unique composition is designed to prevent the formation of carcinogeniccompounds, such as acrylamide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are known to cause several health issues, including cancer. The food ministry’s adoption of Beyond Oil can play a vital role in preventing these diseases and ensuring consumer safety, according to Professor Nissim Garti, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

And the sustainability impact?
The sustainability impact is huge. Beyond Oil can substantially contribute by reducing restaurants’ carbon footprint, simultaneously curbing waste and conserving water resources.

Which are the potential cost-savings ?
Beyond Oil can lower costs for quick-service restaurants by significantly extending the useful life of the oil while meeting food quality and safety requirements with a 300%-1000% extension in frying oil lifespan depending upon prevailing oil quality and frying volume, while existing solutions usually offer a lower oil life extension.

Tell us more about the regulatory approvals ?
The product has all the necessary regulatory approvals required for its use of filter powder for frying oils from authorized regulatory entities such as the FDA,Health Canada, NSF, Kosher, Halal, and more.

Why you call your solutions disruptive ?
We are revolutionizing the frying industry, improving health, increasing sustainability, reducing
costs. We provide a disruptive solution for food-processing and food-service companies
striving to produce & serve healthier food, increase sustainability, and save costs.

Consumers should be concerned about the oils used in food production ?
Several studies conducted worldwide in recent years have shown that Beyond Oil’s
formulation has the potential to significantly reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality from
various types of cancers and other diseases – which is particularly relevant given the direct
link between fried food consumption and the development of many serious diseases. I am
confident in concluding that adopting Beyond Oil’s innovative solution will enable restaurants,
food producers, and other food manufacturers to offer safer and healthier food to their
customers, reducing the risk of severe diseases and improving the general health of the

Your products are reducing oil costs, can you share to us how much a business can save
costs ?

Fry Healthier & Extend Oil Life up to 1000% In most countries, the quality of fried oils is
determined by the level of degradation as indicated by FFA and TPM levels. Our product
helps frying users meet regulatory and food safety requirements while extending oil lifespan
and preserving the oil’s quality and nutritional value.

Who are your type of clients ?
Food service providers or industrials

Which export markets are you working in right now ?
We are now active in Israel, UK, Canada and the USA

Are you exhibiting in 2024 ?
We are exhibiting at NRA Chicago (May 2024) and you can find us at the 22nd EFPRA congress in Amsterdam

Any new target markets for the near future ?
We would like to sell more in Canada, the USA and of course Europe

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