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Discover the Authentic Belgian Craft Beer Experience of Buxbeer

Belgium is well-known for its exceptional craft beers, and Buxbeer is one of the country’s most outstanding breweries. Founded by a passionate brewer, Buxbeer’s handpicked ingredients and state-of-the-art brewing process result in top-quality Belgian craft beer.

The Brewing Process

Brewing Buxbeer’s craft beer always starts with mashing malted barley and water, which are heated but not boiled. Careful temperature control activates enzymes in the barley, breaking it down and releasing sugars. The resulting sugar-rich liquid, called wort, is then drained and moved to the brew kettle hall.

Quality Hops
Quality Hops

The heart of the brewery is the brew kettle hall, where hops are added to the wort and boiled. This sterilizes the brew while imparting bitterness. A settling tank, the whirlpool, removes debris and allows the addition of aroma hops for unique flavor profiles.

Dieter Van Biervliet in the brewery

After the whirlpool, the wort is cooled and transferred to a fermentation vessel, where yeast is added, and sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Initial fermentation takes place in stainless cylindroconical vessels, where the beer is carefully monitored to ensure a perfect balance of alcohol and character. Finally, the beer is transferred to a secondary fermentation vessel to prevent unwanted flavors.

Buxbeer‘s bottled beers undergo a third fermentation thanks to the addition of special yeast during the bottling process. This results in natural carbonation, which remains trapped in the bottle, providing a unique drinking experience.

Packaging and Distribution

Buxbeer is a flexible brewery, providing packaging options for both end customers and professionals. They offer various modern barrels, crates, and packs, as well as cans.

Bux Beer portfolio

Discover the Authentic Belgian Craft Beer Experience of Buxbeer

Success Story

Buxbeer is a proud West Flanders brewery, using the finest grains and hops from the region’s flat landscape. The brewery’s name originates from a one-time anniversary craft beer called “Bukske,” which was brewed in 1998 for the 20th anniversary of the sheep breeders association of Moorsele near Ypres. The beer was named after the dialect word for a male sheep.

In 2014, a few bottles of the original “Bukske” were rediscovered in a cellar and found to still taste excellent. Dieter Van Biervliet, a passionate micro-brewer, decided to brew the original “Bukske” using the authentic recipe. The limited edition version was an instant success, with 3000 bottles sold in no time.

Since then, Buxbeer’s success has only continued to grow. In 2015, the brewery was awarded the highly respected Belgian Hops label for using exclusively Belgian hops, and the label of authentic West Flemish (West Vlaams) regional product.

Bux Beer Gold Blond

The brewery has also expanded its range to include different flavors and an international name. Buxbeer’s craft beers are now enjoyed worldwide, offering a true Belgian craft beer experience.

In conclusion, Buxbeer is an authentic Belgian craft beer brewery that prides itself on its handpicked ingredients, state-of-the-art brewing process, and unique flavors. With a growing international reputation, Buxbeer is sure to satisfy any beer lover’s thirst for top-quality craft beer.

Discover the Authentic Belgian Craft Beer Experience of Buxbeer

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